Brand & UX Refresh

A brand refresh is critical to maintaining and even earning relevancy in the market. Your brand speaks to who and what you are. It speaks to what you represent in the eyes of your audience and how you want them to perceive you.

Brands aren't nonsense

We hear a lot about “brands” in our day to day lives. Brands that do this and do that, what those brands can bring to our lives, and a whole lot of nonsense that may not seem to apply to what it is we do and strive for on a daily basis.

Brands are your identity

But at Rayova, we believe your brand is so much more than just a recognizable name. Your brand is your identity, and it has to mean trust, dependability, and reliability to each and every client that utilizes your services or products.

They set you apart

We want your brand to stand for a number of different things that each hold a great deal of credence to every client that you serve. We also want to set you apart from your competition. A proper brand refresh to accomplish this.
Lotus Logos

Logo Redesign

For a truly outstanding online presence, having the right image is a must for your company. Rayova will work with you to establish a truly unique presence for your business on the web. Making your website easy to locate, easy to use, and as informative as it can be is essential in a highly competitive internet landscape.

Standing apart from your competition means investing in image branding and a corporate identity. Rayova can assist in your branding needs, whether you are starting a new venture, or are in the process of upgrading the look of your existing company. Whatever the need, we can develop a simple, versatile, professional logo that will work on any medium. 

Building a Complete Brand

While a logo and a name are certainly important factors of a brand, we focus on consistent branding throughout your website and marketing strategy.

What does this mean, exactly? It means consistency between your brand’s image and the presentation of your website, business cards, and any other materials that you use to promote your company.

Consistent color scheme, presentation that matches your logo, and secondary branding that will ingratiate your brand with the user experience. The best brands are recognizable for reasons you can’t quite pinpoint; those reasons come to fruition through secondary marketing. 

Lotus Income Brand Guideline Lotus

Brand and Logo Guidelines Sample

The Logo
Lockup and Clearspace
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Building a Better User Experience

User experience (UX) is an essential part of building a brand. If users can’t navigate your website with ease and consistency, they won’t be able to experience anything significant to your brand. That means with a lesser user experience, all the work that goes into designing and branding a website goes to waste.

Rayova can help to deliver things like faster searches, faster load times, and a better mobile experience for users. We can also deliver a cleaner overall experience by fixing broken links, correcting spelling mistakes, and ensuring that HTML markup is perfect.

We also deliver accessibility, which can help the strength of your brand. If your company can appeal to everyone – even those who are visually impaired – it helps to further the dependability of your brand as a whole. 

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