What we do.

We re-build and present your online business with a clear message. We do it with far less risk and a lot more reward.


Have a project in mind? Let’s become partners & share profits.

Our Preferred Industries

Unlike alchemists of the past we really do turn lead into gold. We have turned old websites into high traffic and profitable assets.

Financial Services

We have over 12 years experience in web technology for companies in this industry.

Mortgage Loans

We have over 20 years experience in web technology for companies in this industry.

Law and Mediation

We have over 3 years experience in web technology for companies in this industry.

Our Team

Scott McIndless
Daryl Maksymec
Philip Roe

Our Work is Never Over

Aesthetics aside, good application design is innovative. The possibilities for innovation are not, by any means, exhausted. But, innovative design always progresses in tandem with technology, and this can never be undone. At Rayova, we are continuously learning new frameworks and technologies.

Certified Scrum


Our process delivers the most value up-front. When we build an app or infrastructure for you, we run Scrum. Real Scrum. Our cross-functional product teams are composed of highly cohesive groups of experts in the fields of cloud services and of modern software engineering and its practice.

Rayova Office

Rayova Office

We work together to build your business. 

Rayova Office


Certified Scrum management

Rayova Office

Virtual Offices

We can help from anywhere

Our Product Owners

We will understand your needs, architect great solutions, then get it done. When we develop infrastructure and app products, we focus on delivering the most value at the highest quality first. We will get your initiatives moving forward, faster and sooner.

Our Developers

We use our expert knowledge of modern software engineering, DevOps, and the cloud to ensure you get the state of the art. Our developers never stop learning so that you're always getting the best of the newest, tempered by the longest-proven methods in the field.

Our Scrum Masters

We ensure that leadership is available to keep value flying through the assembly line. As servant leaders, our Scrum Masters promote the very values we stand for and inspire our teams to always improve, always stay ahead, and always apply our learning.
Karen Stewart - Divorce Expert

Successful Upgrades


Fairway Divorce Solutions was founded to make a difference in the way divorce happens and advocate for you and your children. After working with thousands of couples across Canada – we know we have a process that works.

We wanted to get the process out to as many potential franchisees as possible, but we need a serious upgrade to our website and infrastracture. 

Our website now has 300% more traffic, and it's 100% mobile friendly and optimized to deliver our message 10x faster!


Projects in Development

Technology in itself can create unnecessary complexity and problems. We develop reliable systems that are simple, elegant and efficient for start-ups to governments and everything in between. We will design, build and deliver a solution that works. Here are some projects currently in development.

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