Cloud Native Solutions

Taking the foundation of AWS Well-Architected Framework, we apply each of those best practices to provide reliable, cost-efficient, secure, operationally excellent solutions to each of our clients.

Easy Scaling

Cloud computing has changed the way that we do business online. Whether through web traffic scaling, apps, cloud migrations, integration, cloud offloading, or cloud consulting, all of your cloud-based needs can be met here at Rayova.

Fast Delivery

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services  —including servers, databases, storage arrays, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence— over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.

Certified Architects 

We provide cloud solutions that are AWS certified. As experts in the world of cloud computing, we provide excellent consulting and professional services that help take your planned infrastructure from idea to operations.
Cloud Computing

Identifying Your Cloud Computing Needs

The first step towards a successful cloud transition is in identifying a need and formulating a plan. Whatever your cloud computing needs may be, it is important to identify those needs and work to create an infrastructure plan.

We can help to identify those needs individually and provide the structure necessary to make that transition seamlessly. Even more importantly, we provide the daily operations that keep your cloud experience seamless. This is achieved through maintenance, Chaos Engineering, and the development of cloud playbooks that help determine action plans.

Cloud Native App Development

If your business has a new app concept or needs to refine the current one, Rayova is prepared to handle it. This is by implementing React Native, React.js, and AWS platform technologies in order to build better features in less time.

These features support easier scalability, less operational maintenance, and a level of cost efficiency that is unmatched. Simply put, we can take your app to the next level while reducing costs and making it more efficient to maintain.

More importantly, we provide expert knowledge for DevOps, modern software engineering, and the cloud. This ensures that your entire experience will be state-of-the-art. We also believe in continuing education so that you get the best of the newest with driven professionals behind it. 

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