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At Rayova, we specialize in working with websites that are a decade or older in existence. The bones of that website may be good as far as structure, but it lacks the modern touch. By implementing those changes, we can take a somewhat established website and push it to the next level by bringing about modern changes. 

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What is Refactoring

Simply put it is a disciplined technique that is used for the restructuring of an existing body of code. This means altering the internal structure of the code without changing its external behavior. This is done using a series of small behavior preserving transformations.

Each of these transformations, known as a refactoring, does quite little at first. But, a sequence of these kinds of transformations can actually produce a pretty substantial restructuring. And since each refactoring is small in nature, it is less likely to cause an issue. This means that a system is kept working after each refactoring, reducing the chances that said website, for example,  can become broken during the restructuring process. 

Part of Day-to-Day Programming

The thing to realize about refactoring is that it isn’t a special project. When it is done correctly, it is a part of regular programming activity. When the code is not structured in a way to make a new, straightforward change, this is where refactoring the existing code can make that addition easier than ever.

Best of all, refactoring is great for lowering the costs of enhancements. The thing about a successful software system is that there will always be a need to enhance it, fixing problems and adding new features along the way.

Being able to refactor cuts down on the unnecessary complexity that handling code can have. It means making changes or additions far quicker, requiring far less manpower and time than it may have previously. 

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