Our Team.

Scott McIndless

Scott McIndless



Scott McIndless with over 35 years of experience in Financial Services provides strategic leadership and oversees Rayova's high-level deliverables.

Scott's career began in sales and marketing and elevated into executive roles. He worked with many of Canada's largest companies, including Canada Life, The Co-Operators, and Heritage Education Funds. In addition, Scott also serves as a Senior Business Advisor with Elevate Organizations, whose vision is Elevating Human Potential to Maximize Business Growth.

Scott is also involved in the Greater Toronto Area having served as co-chair of a York Region School Council and on the board of Yorkville Asset Management from 2010 – 2017. He is also currently the Chair of the Board of Directors for Life With a Baby Foundation, an organization that has helped over 170,000 Canadians by providing on-going support for new and expectant parents.

Daryl Maksymec

Daryl Maksymec



Daryl Maksymec provides project management, marketing and lead generation, design, website development, partnerships, and UX. His team uses an Agile approach to software development, leveraging the Scrum framework to get better results for Rayova clients. Daryl brings 30 years of experience to the company.

Daryl founded his first company, a full-service multimedia firm, in 1993. He has had ownership roles in numerous successful companies, including PixelTribe, Fairway, and an Amazon seller and AWS software development company called Colloco Enterprises.

Finally, in 2020, he settled in to overseeing Fairway's marketing and franchising initiatives, and Rayova's client projects which include Superbrokers and Lotus Income. Daryl is married to Roberta (Bobbi) and is father to two creative and artistic teenagers. He lives in Alberta with his family and their dog, Ruby Tuesday.

Philip Roe

Philip Roe



Philip Roe provides guidance and strategy for Rayova. Philip also brings over 35 years of experience to the company.

Philip additionally founded, co-founded, invested in, and helped grow multiple startups, including BetterMarkets and RealityClicks.

Furthermore, he is a hockey and soccer coach in the North Toronto area. He is also a boxer for Variety Village fundraising matches. Philip is involved in local community activities and fundraising for organizations throughout the region, including the Canadian Cancer Society and the Heart Association of Ontario. He also co-founded Students Crossing Borders, an NGO that provides education and advancement opportunities to residents of Kingston, Jamaica and other developing countries. 

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