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At Rayova, we believe in offering the complete software experience. From cloud native solutions to software performance, website refactoring to serverless app design, we want to be your lone resource when it comes to your upgrade needs.

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Custom integrations are one area where we can definitely be of assistance. But what does this mean, exactly?
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What is Software Integration?

Integration is combining subsystems into one greater system. These integrated systems demonstrate a better overall performance when compared to the sum of all of the independent pieces. More importantly, it is meant to deliver greater functional significance.

With a greater convenience in use and distribution, it should be no surprise that integration is trending like never before. More and more mergeable systems are beginning to appear on the internet and connecting them is of the utmost importance.

Complete Customization

Being able to customize your integrations means getting the exact system that you have been looking for. This can include automating processes as well as reducing process complexities. All of this is meant to make your business more efficient while saving you money.

From microAPI’s, custom API’s, or general guidance when connecting your cloud based systems, Rayova can assist in making your integration needs a reality. Creating a way to unify data sources and extrapolate that data is changing the way that businesses operate. Custom integrations can make the use of that data more valuable than ever before.  

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24/7 Access to Your Data

If your organization already has legacy data and/or databases on premises, migrating them to the cloud is easier than ever before and allows for 24/7 access via the web. That means a more responsive user interface, improved systems flexibility and agility, and faster connections. And all of this can be had for substantially less than what it would cost to build the systems up again.

Whether you are looking to simply consolidate or move to full custom integrations, Rayova can make data access easier and more convenient than ever before.

Custom-built integrations, cloud data solutions, legacy system solutions, and full automation can be performed in no time. Best of all, it can help to save your organization substantial time and money while reducing the complexity of your software, making it easier for everyone to use.

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